Alternate Exam/Test Scheduling

Alternate Exam/Test Scheduling

To receive academic accommodations with Alternate Test/Exams you need to be registered with Student Accessibility Services.

In-person exams and tests

Alternate Test/Exam Scheduling is open to accommodate students to write tests and exams for classes that are being held in-person.

You must request to write an Accommodated test or exam as soon as you:

  • Share your Letter of Accommodation with the course instructor and
  • Check your course outline/syllabus for your exam and test dates and times.

The online request form is open beginning Wednesday, September 6 for Fall and Y term courses.

This request form will close for Fall term requests on Tuesday, November 14

Request an alternate test/exam

Online exams and tests

Courses that are delivered remotely or a blend of in-person and remote with testing being delivered through an online format will be accommodated by your course instructors.

Please request your Letter of Accommodation in the student portal as soon as possible to ensure your instructor has the necessary information to make all adjustments in the online format. 

Your Letter of Accommodation outlines your specific accommodations and you will need to share this letter with your instructor(s) to receive accommodation.

Deadlines to submit a request to write in an Alternate Exam Centre for Winter 2023:

Term Date of test Submit request by


Wednesday, September 6 – Tuesday, December 5

3 weeks before test date


Wednesday, September 6 – Monday, April 8

3 weeks before test date


Thursday, December 7 - Wednesday, December 20 (Official December Exams)

No later than Tuesday, November 14


Thursday, December 7 - Wednesday, December 20 (Official December Exams)

No later than Tuesday, November 14

During the first two weeks of the term (September 6 – September 20) there is a grace period where requests can be submitted with less than 2 weeks notice.

You can submit all your accommodation requests at the beginning of the term when you receive the syllabus for your course(s).  You do not need to know the date of your official December exams to enter requests.

  • You can view information about your exam or test bookings (including requests) 1 week prior to your exam/test date to see when and where you are writing.
  • If extra time is one of your exam/test accommodations, you might be scheduled to start writing before your classmates
  • Your course instructor will be asked to confirm the exam/test duration.
  • If the information you submitted is incorrect or something changes (e.g. your course instructor changes the date of a test) please notify the Alternate Exam Centre using our online “Ask a Question” form as soon as possible.
  1. Contact your course instructor for permission to reschedule the exam or test. 

    Please note that permission to reschedule is at the discretion of the course instructor and is not guaranteed. Scheduling is dependent on space availability. 

    If you have been corresponding with your course instructor by e-mail and have confirmation of their approval to reschedule, you may upload, attach or send a copy of the e-mail as an electronic signature from the course instructor.

  2. If permission is granted by your instructor, complete and submit a signed Alternate Exam/Test Rescheduling Request at least five (5) business days in advance of the rescheduled exam/test date.

  3. Review the Policies and Procedures for writing your rescheduled exam/test.

Cancelling a scheduled test or exam ensures that we continue to provide services to other students who need accommodations. It is best to cancel 24 hours before the start time, however, you can cancel up to 1 minute before the scheduled test or exam..

  • "View your Requests" for the course.
  • Click on the "Cancel Request" button for the request date.
  • The "Confirmation Required" box will appear, asking "Cancel request are you sure?"

Do not cancel your booking if your professor changes the date to a test! You can notify the Alternate Exam Centre using our online “Ask a Question” form.  The Alternate Exam Centre will adjust the date you submitted.

Exam Centre Virtual Tours

Feeling anxious about your alternate exam? Have a look at our exam rooms to get a feel for the space before you get here!

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Virtual Ask a Question

During this reception drop-in, you will be able to ask general questions regarding Alternate Exams.

10 to 11:00 a.m. – Mondays and Thursdays. No appointment required.


You can contact us by using our online "Ask a Question" form. 

You can find out when and where you are scheduled to write 1 week before the scheduled write date by going to "View My Bookings". 

Yes. You can review your request history to ensure a request was submitted and that the details are correct by navigating to "View My Requests".

You can let the Alternate Exam Centre know your course instructor has changed the date/time of an exam/test via our online "Ask a Question" form.  The Alternate Exam Centre always confirms the length of an exam/test with your instructor.

If you missed the deadline to submit a request to write in the Alternate Exam Centre, you have two options:

  1. Prepare to write the exam/test without academic accommodations; or
  2. Speak with your course instructor about permission to write the exam/test at a later date. 
    • If your instructor grants permission to write at a later date, complete an Alternate Exam/Test Rescheduling Request Form with them (if your course instructor provides approval via email, a copy of their email must be included with your rescheduling form)
    • Submit to the Alternate Exam Centre using our online “Ask A Question” form