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Black Excellence at York University

About BE YU

Black Excellence at York University (BE YU) provides Black students with the support they need to transition to university and maximize their student experience on their path to graduation and beyond.

The success of Black students is our focus. BE YU works hand in hand with campus partners and the York community to offer workshops, events, activities, and services aimed at enhancing the Black student experience. BE YU also connects students to student-led clubs and associations, faculty, staff, and services that promote Black excellence, a sense of community and connection, and student academic and personal success.

Through BE YU, students will develop skills to fulfill their educational and career potentials.

As a first-year student who was afraid and scared about transitioning to post-secondary, BE YU helped me feel confident and allowed me to discover my inner purpose, through which I was able to realize my potential. This led to me being recognized as a student in the Circle of Scholars at York University.

— Awwal Abass

Walk of Excellence

York University recently hosted over 500 high school students for the 10th staging of the annual “Walk of Excellence” and BEYU was glad to join in the celebrations. In the photo, is the BEYU team along with Olivia Chow, mayoral candidate for Toronto. The event was quite insightful and fun and saw performances from student representatives from each school. There were also a number of bursary awards that sought to recognize the “excellence” of some of the students. The Walk of Excellence was a great success and provided an amazing opportunity for students, teachers, staff, and others who were in attendance to engage, network and have fun!



Events and Services for BE YU students

BE YU Mentorship Program

The BE YU Mentorship Program aims to improve Black student academic performance, strengthen their awareness of on-campus resources, create a safe space for relationship building among peers and faculty, and foster a sense of belonging within the wider York community. Our focus is to provide robust mentorship to students using their lived, academic, and professional experience to increase their sense of belonging, confidence, self-esteem and social capital. We offer mentorship opportunities to students of all identities across all faculties. 

Peer Mentoring: 

1st year students are matched with upper year students in the same program, department or faculty, or with similar interests supporting their transition into first year.

You can book an appointment with one of our Peer Leads on the BE YU eclass. Not already registered for BE

YU? Contact us at

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Peer Mentoring:

1st year students are matched with upper year students in the same program, department or faculty, or with similar interests supporting their transition into first year.

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Upper Year Students Mentoring:

3rd and 4th year students are matched with graduate students either in the same program, or with similar interests supporting their advancement.

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Alumni/Professionals Mentoring:

Through the Alumni office and Career development, students in their 3rd/4th years and graduate studies are matched with an industry professional for guidance on career goals and plans.

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Faculty Mentoring:

Black faculty members provide guidance to upper year and graduate students in support of their academic, professional, and personal goals.

Black Excellence Leadership Series

In partnership with the Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD) Peer Leadership and Professional Development Series, BE YU offers a series of peer-led leadership workshops where participants can build and maximize their leadership capacity, foster strong student leadership connections, and cultivate community and inclusive excellence. 


Student Services and Support

Looking for further information on which student services will be offered online, in-person, or both? Click the link for a full list of services and details about how, when and where they will be offered.

Student services

Contact Us

Contact Us

Office hours: Mon.-Thurs. 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Fri. 9 a.m.-noon.

Phone: 416-736-5770


Location: 111 Central Square


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Voici quelques-uns de ces clubs étudiant

Club Name Email Address Social Media
African Students Association @asa_yorku
Black Students in Psychology @bsip_yu
Black Women Bridging borders @bwbb.yorku
Cameroonian Students Association @camsayork
Eritrean York Student United @eysu.yorku
Ghanaian Students’ Association @gsayork
Glendon African Network @glendonafronetw
Somali Students’ Association @ssayork
Nigerian Students’ Association @nsayorku
United Caribbean Islands @yorku.uci
York United Black Students' Alliance
Association des étudiants africains @asa_yorku
Black Students in Psychology @bsip_yu
Black Women Bridging borders @bwbb.yorku
Association des étudiants camerounais @camsayork
Eritrean York Student United (Étudiants érythréens) @eysu.yorku
Association des étudiants ghanéens @gsayork
Réseau africain de Glendon @glendonafronetw
Association des étudiants somaliens @ssayork
Association des étudiants nigériens @nsayorku
United Caribbean Islands @yorku.uci
United Caribbean Islands (Étudiants antillais)