Virtual Counselling

Eligibility for Service

Students registered and enrolled at York University are eligible for counselling services at the Keele and Glendon campuses. If you are currently located out of province or studying abroad, please access keepme.SAFE for support.
*Continuing Education students can access counselling support through keepme.SAFE.

Single Session Same-Day Booked Appointments


Same day appointments are live Monday to Friday at 8:45 a.m.

Please schedule an appointment by using the online booking form.

If no appointments are available, please check back throughout the day for cancellations.

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  • You can access same-day virtual counselling more than once. However, it is our expectation that before returning you will have completed the “next steps” plan co-created in your previous session.
  • You may not always be paired with the same counsellor for additional visits, but counsellors will begin your return session with a review of your progress on the “next steps” plan.
  • Student Counselling, Health, & Well-being does not provide documentation (e.g., counsellor statements, support letters, petitions, etc.) to students who only attend same-day virtual counselling, except for letters of attendance.

Short-term Counselling (6-8 Sessions)

SCHW works under a short-term therapy model.

You may only access short-term therapy after attending a single session appointment. You will also need to have attempted the “next step” goals created in your previous single session with a counsellor.

You and your counsellor will collaborate and decide your need for short-term therapy and whether or not it is suitable. 

All counsellors at Student Counselling, Health & Well-being are registered clinicians who have experience working with a diverse student population.

With that said, SCHW recognizes that you may desire to meet with a counsellor with whom you share the same or similar identity / background. 

If you prefer to meet with counsellor of a particular identity (e.g., male, female, Black-identifying, 2SLGBTQIA+-identifying, etc.) for ongoing counselling, please alert your counsellor during your single session appointment. We will do our best to ensure these preferences are met promptly.