Well-being and YU Podcast

Well-being and YU Podcast

A few mindful minutes can really make a difference.

Well-being and YU is a podcast created by students for the York community and beyond. Each episode we highlight a topic that is important to our community, sharing resources and conversations that highlight the relationship between well-being and our unique experiences.

Episode #1: Stress

Student life means always being under pressure – but do you know that taking a moment to deal with your stress can make a huge impact on your academics and productivity? Have you ever found yourself reading an entire page only to realize you haven’t taken anything in yet? Do you ever lose focus when you’re trying to finish an assignment? 

It is all connected to Well-being and YU.  In this episode, we discuss tips on how to recognize the signs of harmful stress and our special guest teaches us how to manage our stress levels for greater well-being and academic success.


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