About Well-being and YU

About Well-being and YU

As part of the greater work of the creation of a Well-being Strategy at York, the Well-being and YU podcast encourages student engagement and supports the fight against stigmas associated with mental health and well-being. We aim to highlight various supports and resources related to issues faced by York students, while working towards building a resilient community.


  • Connection
  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Acceptance


Our mission is to cultivate connections with our audience through a podcast that engages in open discussion on topics that are important for the health and well-being of the York University community.


Our vision is to establish a strong foundation upon which the community can enhance their health and well-being on campus, creating a long-lasting impact that extends beyond the boundaries of our university.

Our Team

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Hasan Sheather

Technical Podcast Editor
Kinesiology and Health Science, 4th year

I am an undergraduate student excited to apply my skills and perspective to aid student well-being. In my view, well-being is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It extends beyond conventional metrics and encompasses personal growth, meaningful connections, and a profound sense of purpose. I am eager to contribute to such a unique project, which can provide students with the tools and supports they need to flourish in their academic, social, and personal lives.

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Prabhleen Luthra

Podcast Coordinator
Statistics, 2nd year

I am an international undergraduate student, excited to promote and work for a valuable resource, which empowers students to prioritize their well-being and make positive changes in their lives. To me, well-being involves self-care, cultivating healthy habits, continuous learning and evolving, practicing mindfulness, and fostering positive connections. It is all about living a life of balance, meaning, joy and fulfillment.

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Podcast Host
Law and Society, 2nd Year

I am passionate about the York student experience and the opportunity to create content that is educational, empowering and enlightening. Well-being is a holistic personal journey where we all can learn from each other to improve each and every day. My mission is to be the voice for all students. I want to have intriguing conversations that will inform our listeners on the services and resources that are offered for enhancing their well-being. York is a wonderful place with a vast, diverse community. I look forward to having you join us on this empowering journey.

Past Contributors

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Harjot Suri

Scheduling Coordinator
Kinesiology and Health Science

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Karyn Popel

Technical Editor
Bachelor of Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

This podcast is part of a larger project to create and implement a well-being strategy at York University. Podcasting was chosen as a medium to support student engagement and work to break down stigma associated with mental health and well-being. Well-being and YU aims to highlight supports for students and work towards building a resilient campus community together.

Well-being and YU aligns our focus with two guiding documents, The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s (MHCC) Mental Health and Well-being for Post-Secondary Students Standard, and the Okanagan Charter. Through this alignment, we seek to encourage ever-expanding and holistic discussions about well-being, with a specific focus on topics that are relevant to the student population at York University. This includes providing resources and learning skills, fostering a supportive and healthy environment, and making space for students’ voices in the conversation.

Podcasting at York University is supported by York University Libraries and the Digital Scholarship Centre. They provide learning resources, workshops, equipment and facilities to students, staff and faculty to cultivate critical intellect, digital fluency, and openness to possibility through the integration of digital media creation in academic and personal projects. You can learn more about the Digital Scholarship Centre, the Media Creation Lab at Scott Library, and about storytelling through podcasting on the Digital Scholarship Center website.

Well-being and YU is available for download on many major podcast services, including Apple Music, Spotify and Anchor.fm. We also publish our podcasts to YouTube, where captioning is available through YouTube’s automated captioning service.

Our goal is to make our conversation open and accessible to all members of the York University community. As such, we welcome suggestions from anyone in the community for how we may adapt and improve our ongoing commitment to accessibility.

If you have suggestions, comments or concerns, please contact us at schwpod@yorku.ca.

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Get in touch!

Do you have questions or feedback on the Well-being and YU podcast? Email us at schwpod@yorku.ca, and we'll do our best to get back to you right away!