Communicable Diseases

As a community we solve problems together. We need to take individual responsibility and a community of care approach to keep everyone safe and well. This approach begins with each of us protecting and maintaining our own health as well as that of others.

To learn more about how you can protect yourself and your community against communicable diseases watch the video and click the icons/tiles below.

Communicable diseases are caused by infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses that can spread directly from person to person or indirectly from contaminated surfaces, food, or water. Some specific examples include:

  • Foodborne Illnesses (e.g. Norovirus, salmonellosis, listeriosis, etc.); 
  • Blood-borne Pathogens (e.g. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and hepatitis B, etc.); and 
  • Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (e.g. measles, chickenpox, mumps, etc.). 

The Self-Disclosure Protocol provides information and guidance to students when communicable diseases are self-reported.

York University has a duty to report certain communicable disease to applicable public health authorities. For a comprehensive list of reportable communicable diseases, visit the Toronto Public Health List of Reportable Diseases page.

As new research develops, and procedures change York will continue to adhere to public health direction, as applicable.

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Visit the Student Health COVID-19 Information page for more details on masking, vaccination, self-assessment, supports and FAQs.

Find information on COVID-19

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Other Respiratory Viruses

Respiratory viruses can spread directly from person to person when an infected person coughs or sneezes or it can spread indirectly from contact with contaminated surfaces. That’s why it’s important to learn more about the different types of respiratory viruses and how you can protect yourself and the York University community.

Click below for more information about different types of respiratory viruses.

Find out more about other respiratory viruses

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How to Keep Yourself Safe

Everyone at York University has a duty to reduce the spread of respiratory viruses on campus. Your actions will protect yourself, loved ones, and the York community at large.

Find out how to keep yourself safe from respiratory viruses

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Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Vaccines are our best defense against communicable diseases. Additional resources:

Find out more about vaccine preventable diseases

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MPOX (Formerly known as Monkeypox)

For more information on MPOX, how it spreads, prevention, and vaccination, visit the City of Toronto's site on MPOX.

Find out more about the MPOX virus

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Travel Health

York University continues to monitor national and international epidemiology trends to keep our community safe from communicable diseases. It’s important to stay informed and stay safe while travelling abroad. 

Keep yourself healthy while travelling