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As a York student you have a financial account associated with your unique student number. This account is where fees and payments are posted.

My Student Account is an online tool where you can see your current and historical financial account details. Access to My Student Account requires a Passport York login.

We will always direct you to pay through your bank with York University as the payee and will never ask you to pay by cheque, cash or credit card or to any other payee.

If you are unsure whether a request for financial payment or information came from York, contact Student Support and Advising.

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Screenshots of My Student Account

This is an image of the My Student Account tool after logging in

This is an image of the My Student Account tool list of available monthly statements

This is an image of a Monthly Statement in the My Student Account Tool

What is included on your Monthly Statement?

Each activity on your account is called a transaction. Each transaction is shown in its own row, and these each have a transaction posting date that shows when they were recorded.

Your monthly statement shows all transactions between the Previous Statement Date and the current Statement Date. A transaction that is recorded after the Statement Date will appear on your next statement. Before the next statement is produced, you will be able to see that transaction on the View All Transactions screen.

Transactions that produce debits (charges) on your account have a positive dollar value in the Amount. These can be interest charges on overdue amounts or fees for adding a course, the health plan or residence.

You will not see separate account transactions for:

  • the $300 Registration Deposit for new undergraduate students, which is paid against total tuition
  • the $500 Residence Room Deposit for students who have accepted a residence room offer

Transactions that produce credits have a negative dollar value. These can be:

  • payments you made
  • refunds for dropping a course by a certain date
  • a scholarship, award or bursary
  • OSAP funding

The production date of your statement in dd-mmm-yyyy format.

This is the date when your previous statement was produced.

This is the account balance from your previous statement.

This is the amount of your last balance, if any, that you had to pay to avoid interest charges.

This is the amount of payment, if any, received by York since your Previous Statement Date. This is shown with a negative dollar value because it reduces the amount you owe.

This is your total balance as of the Statement Date. This is the sum of all transactions on your account.

  • A positive balance — above $0.00 — means you owe some amount.
  • A negative balance — below $0.00 and preceded by a minus sign — means that there is an overall credit on your account. This is applied against future charges. Alternatively, you can request a refund of this amount.
  • A zero balance —$0.00— means there is neither an overall debit nor an overall credit.

Your Present Balance may include charges that are not due immediately, such as fees for courses that will begin in the following term. You can pay the entire balance even if it is not due immediately.

The Present Balance amount that you must pay is in the Minimum Payment due this month column. If it is $0.00, then you do not owe anything for this statement. If you do not make the minimum payment in full, interest charges will be added to your account based what you owe.

The due date for that payment is in the Minimum Payment due by column. This is typically the 10th day of the following month: for example, for a statement produced in June, the due date would be July 10; for a statement produced in December, the due date would be January 10.

This screen shows you the entire history of financial transactions recorded on your account, the Posting Date when each was recorded and the Cumulative Balance (total balance) after each transaction.

The Statement Appearing On column tells you the Statement Date of the statement where the transaction appears.

Due Dates

Log into My Student Account to ensure you are meeting your specific tuition deadlines. Below table provides general guidance on when your fees are due.

Key Due Dates for Undergraduate Students


Full Year  - FALL/WINTER Fall Term Only Winter Term Only Summer Term Only
Tuition *50% by September 10
*50% by January 10
September 10 January 10 May 10
Residence and meal plan *50% by September 10
*50% by January 10


Health plan 10th day of the month after fee appears on your statement
For example: if the fee appears on your September statement, payment is due October 10


Registration deposit Only applicable for new undergraduate students enrolling in courses for their first academic session.
See Registration Deposit section below for specific due dates.


* Although you have the option of splitting full year course and residence fee payments into two instalments (September 10 and January 10), you can opt to pay the full amount in September to reduce your financial commitment in January, if you wish.

Key Due Dates for Graduate Students

This information comes from your graduate program. If you have not received it, please contact your graduate program office or the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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