Student Personal Information

By keeping your personal information up-to-date you ensure that York University is always able to communicate with you about your academic record, financial matters, graduation and/or unexpected scheduling changes or closures, and is able to authenticate your enrolment with government agencies.

Please review the purpose and updating procedure for each of the following identifying pieces of information. All links below to update your personal information are available to current students only. Alumni, please email Records with your supporting documents at to update your personal information.

Contact Information

Each academic session when you first enrol in your courses, you will be presented with the option to provide an up-to-date cell phone number as well as a preferred e-mail address for communication. If this information changes after you have enrolled, use the button below to provide an update. You can also use it to:

  • change your address,
  • provide new contact numbers for phone or e-mail purposes, and/or
  • provide or update information regarding next of kin contact information in the event of an emergency.

Note that if you live in on-campus residence, your local address will be automatically modified through information provided by Housing at the beginning and end of your lease. If you live off campus, however, please use the student address module to inform us of your local mailing address.

Your Official Name

The name you provided when you applied to York University is the official name that appears in your student record, on class lists, in communications and official documents from York like transcripts and your diploma.

We encourage you to review your name on record here:

If your name on record is incorrect or your legal name changes, you should request a name change using the Name Change Request Form below. You will be required to provide two pieces of valid identification from the following list:

  • Certificate of Birth (original or certified/notarized copy)
  • Court Name Change (original or certified/notarized copy)
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Ontario Photo Card
  • Passport
  • Permanent Resident Card

You can also use this form if you wish to change the name that appears on your York documents. For example, if you applied to York with a name that is not the one you are commonly known by, then you can change it through this form, with documentation.

Chosen Name and Gender Identity Profile Change

This form is designed for students who are undertaking a name change in relation to their gender identity status and would like to see their name and gender correctly captured and used at York University.

Please note: Our student information system is not able to display both your official name and your chosen name. The update to your first chosen name will be made across the systems as your official first name. Both your academic and financial record will reflect your chosen name. Should you wish to discuss how this will impact your record please indicate in the form and a member of our team to contact you.

Social Insurance Number

Your social insurance number (SIN) provided to government financial aid agencies ensures that your application is processed accurately and efficiently. Use the button below to provide, or update if incorrect, your social insurance number: