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Division of Students Strategic Plan 2020-2025Invest in
Our People

Employee Development

Individual and collective development fuels growth and engagement. Individual learning plans ensure prompt and regular dialogue, check-ins and feedback to create clarity and accountability.

Active Engagement & Accountability

Ensure opportunities for staff to participate in creating Divisional, unit or topic-based learning. Learning opportunities will advance the knowledge base of each individual and foster understanding and contributions toward realizing cross-Divisional commitments and priorities. Ensure that individual learning plans include clarity about roles, responsibilities and accountability.

What's New?

Learning Skills Services featured in the Writing Centre symposium

Staff shared an overview of LSS, highlighting services available to students and why learning skills are essential for university learners. Discussions covered best practices for making warm referrals, and how LSS and the Writing Centre could collaborate further to support student success.

Browse LSS services
faculty and staff from the Writing Centre learned about Learning Skills Services.
Summer Peer Leader Training Welcomes Matthew R. Morris as Keynote Speaker

At Peer Leader Training the team welcomed Matthew R. Morris, author of Black Boys Like Me: Confrontations with Race, Identity, and Belonging as the keynote speaker, where he engaged in dialogue tying into the training surrounding identity, social location, and equitable leadership.

Learn More about PLT 2024
of participants would recommend this training to other members of the York University community, and 83% of attendees felt as though they learned something new.
Division of Students' staff check-ins

The Vice Provost Students provided a weekly opportunity for staff to come together to provide updates, take questions and receive feedback about supporting students during the labour disruption. These sessions provided colleagues time to connect and to tap into each others’ experiences and ideas.

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staff check-ins were provided to help colleagues support one another as we continue to support students.
De-escalation staff training session

The Vice Provost Students offered a de-escalation staff training with Student Support & Advising, and the community of academic advisors. The training supported preparedness for potential student escalations that may require intervention or effective referrals. 

Learn about the student support certificate
staff from across the University participated in this session.
Data and Analytics Community of Engagement: strategic enrolment management, data availability and use cases

OIPA's Data and Analytics Community of Engagement met for the second time to receive demonstrations of York's most common data dashboards, delivered by guest speakers from across the University. The community also viewed the new framework for strategic enrolment management.

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registrants from 21 units and Faculties heard about strategic enrolment management, data availability and use cases.
YUAdvise 2024: Partnering for student success

In February, advisors from across the University came together for the 9th annual YUAdvise Conference. Colleagues had the opportunity to learn, innovate and continue building the knowledge and skills required to achieve the community’s vision of becoming leaders in the space.

colleagues participated, and most reported feeling more connected to the advising community as a result of attending the conference.

In November, OUR staff had the opportunity to learn about embedding DEDI into their work. Colleagues from Community, Supports and Services shared equity-informed student services, and staff discussed key initiatives through themes from York's DEDI strategy.  

staff members participated in the recent Learning Day.
Building the Data and Analytics Community of Engagement

OIPA launched the Data and Analytics Community of Engagement, with support from OVPS and Organizational Learning and People Excellence. The community provides a place for Faculty and staff to grow personal connections, and learn about York's data and analytics environment. 

Read the data and analytics strategy
74 registrants from 29 departments connected through the launch.
Division of Students hosts Mini Professional Development Conference for Toronto institutions

The Division held an in-person Mini PD Conference with 8 Toronto colleges and universities. Participants had the opportunity to come together to share, learn and network. 26 presentations focused on student affairs, service supports, programming and training.

Learn more about the conference
colleagues participated in the Mini PD Conference
Learning Skills peers get ready for the new academic year

Learning Skills peers completed a week-long interactive training program in August which helped them build knowledge, skills and confidence ahead of beginning their roles. Topics included the science of learning, delivering presentations, peer coaching, creating inclusive spaces and much more. 

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At the end of Learning Skills training week, peers reported feeling happy, excited and motivated to begin their new roles.
Over 250 staff participated in the Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) Learning Days!

During the week of July 17, staff from across York engaged in a week of learning related to strategic enrolment management. Sessions explored evolving approaches and strategies in SEM (including the new SEM Framework), connecting across the SEM continuum and using tools and data to support work.

View session recordings from the SEM Learning Days
41 colleagues presented 21 sessions during the SEM Learning Days.
Framing Student Support & Advising: Reflecting on the past, navigating the future

The Student Support & Advising team organized a day-long visioning retreat, reflecting on their inaugural year, formalizing values and engaging in teamwork. A balanced agenda, including strategic planning and community-building, promises exciting updates for the York community!

100% of the staff participated, of which, 98% of the staff indicated a deepened sense of community and belonging.
Planting workshop to help with grounding

In July, the Centre collaborated with the Greenhouse to cultivate green thumb community members in a fun and inclusive environment. Participants grounded themselves with a tour of the greenhouse, picked out plants and learned how to properly pot and care for them.   

The planting workshop helped individuals ground themselves, connect with the community and nature to create a sense of belonging.
Gaining the skills to facilitate focus groups and interviews

The Division of Students creates Learning Briefs to support professional development and on-the-job learning. Facilitating a successful focus group means more than reading a list of questions. Our Divisional Assessment Analyst has curated resources to help you gain the skills you need!

Read the Learning Brief
Supporting the York community through planting workshops

The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education collaborated with the on-campus Greenhouse to create a planting workshop for students, staff and faculty to help ground them during this busy summer season. There will be another workshop on Wednesday, July 26 from noon to 1 p.m. 

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Connect with colleagues in education through the Canadian Association of College & University Student Services

The Canadian Association of College & University (CACUSS) provides access to communities, publications, awards/recognition and more for those who work in student affairs in Canadian post-secondary institutions. Contact the Vice-Provost, Students at to register.

If you need any technical support, please review this information:
Reviewing the OUR Strategic Plan during OUR Leadership Day

Management from the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) participated in an OUR Leadership Day. The group reviewed and updated the OUR Strategic Plan, prepared for change (e.g. implementation of projects within the Student Systems Renewal Project) and learned about leading positive change.

OUR Leadership Day took positive steps forward to update the OUR Strategic Plan and prepare for the implementation of the Student Systems Renewal Project.
Delivering presentation skills training to student leaders

Learning Skills Services offered presentation skills training to student leaders of the York Orientation Directors Association. They learned strategies for achieving cohesion during group presentations, tailoring presentations to the audience, projecting confidence and overcoming nerves. 

16 York Orientation Directors Association Orientation Chairs participated in the training. Many reported feeling better able to handle their work and recommended this training to other students.
Encouraging peer-led professional development

The Division of Students creates Learning Briefs to support professional development and on-the-job learning. This month a new learning brief about peer-led learning groups and communities of practice is available to encourage connection between colleagues and stimulate learning.

Read the learning brief
Launching Drop-in Break Time

Employees from the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) took the opportunity to connect, relax, and participate in several stress-busting activities at the OUR's first Drop-in Break Time on May 17. Stay tuned for future social and wellness activities for OUR employees.

30+ OUR employees took part in the session.
Launching an Advising intranet

The Office of the University Registrar’s Strategy, Planning & Projects Team recently launched an intranet for advising colleagues across the institution, an online website focused on sharing resources, upcoming development opportunities and key information to facilitate referrals between teams.

Engaging in conversations about women leadership in sports

Athletics & Recreation hosted it’s fourth annual Women & Girls Leadership and Sport Conference in April. The conference featured a number of influential Canadian women in sport presentations under the theme, Aim High, Play Safe, with an emphasis on safety in sports.


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Attendees learned from the engaging key note speakers, Canadian gymnast Ellie Black and former Canadian Olympian and safe sport advocate, Allison Forsyth.
Ask Me Anything (AMA) with the Vice-Provost, Students

Nona Robinson, Vice-Provost, Students, led an AMA to launch the summer term. Robinson shared more about herself, her vision for the future and answered pre-submitted questions over two sessions. Sessions were attended by over 75 staff with extensive engagement across the Division.

Learn more about the walks and hangouts with VPS, Nona Robinson
staff from across the Division participated and 22 pre-submitted questions were answered over two sessions.
Furthering growth in divisional assessment capacity

The second Core Concepts of Program Assessment & Evaluation workshop was held on March 29 to increase shared understanding of concepts identified in the CACUSS competency model. Staff were introduced to assessment and how it can be applied to their professional practice.

increase in average knowledge and confidence from the start to the end of the workshop, according to participants.
Learning from women in leadership

On Tuesday, March 28, the Residence Life team partnered with colleagues across the Division to host the Division of Students, Women In Leadership Panel. During the event, attendees learned from women in leadership roles, which was facilitated by Caroline Papple and Melanie Howard.

Participants mentioned they had tears in their eyes as the panellists spoke. They noted feeling validated, understood, empowered and seen.
Divisional staff learn effective business writing

Staff are engaging in a five-part learning series on effective business writing. The sessions, presented by the Strategy, Planning & Projects Team with the Office of the University Registrar, focus on understanding and practicing simple and straightforward writing and writing with empathy.

staff are actively participating in the Effective Business Writing learning series.
YUAdvise 2023: Rebuilding Connections – Establishing a Community of Care in an Evolving World

On Thursday, February 23, & Friday, February 24, advising colleagues from across the institution came together for the 8th annual YUAdvise Conference. Over 1.5 days, participants learned, shared & engaged in brainstorming focused on rebuilding connections & co-authoring the future of York advising.

Learn More About the YUAdvise Conference
colleagues participated with many feeling more connected to the advising community as a result of attending the conference.
Developing a Learning Mindset for Work

The Division of Students encouraged all staff to complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) by Wednesday, February 1. In support of IDPs, a Divisional Learning resource was created to ease access to templates, questions & answers and divisional learning briefs.

Explore the Learning Briefs
IDPs are divided into four categories: Development opportunities, development activities, measurement of achievement and progress updates.
Professional Learning Calendar & Learning Resource launch

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) Professional Learning Calendar highlights learning activities that have been designed and curated for OUR staff based on six key learning areas. 

Learning areas were identified based on feedback from staff's October 2022 IDPs.
Growing divisional assessment capacity

The first Core Concepts of Assessment workshop was held on November 23, with 28 staff members in attendance. Core concepts are identified in the CACUSS competency model. Staff increased their knowledge of assessment methods and learned why they are an important part of our professional practice.

increase in average knowledge and confidence from the start to the end of the workshop.
VPS meet and greets fostering connections and well-being

Weekly walks, followed by a sit-down mingling session, are scheduled for staff to get to know each other, meet other colleagues in the Division, take a wellness break and get better acquainted with the new Vice Provost, Students.

Register here to join a future VPS Meet & Greet
Sessions also opened up for students in November.
Supporting staff learning and development

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) will launch a new way for staff to apply for Individual Professional Learning funding to support staff learning, development and growth. This builds upon  the completion of Individual Development Plans outlining staff learning goals for the year ahead.

Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) Learning Days

In collaboration with campus partners, the OUR recently hosted the inaugural SEM Learning Days. Colleagues from across campus came together to share best practices in recruitment, retention and learned innovative approaches to support and build a stronger SEM competency across York University.

Learn More About the SEM Learning Days
SEM sessions took place from July to August, covering a variety of topics such as initiatives, trends, current practices at York and how to improve student recruitment approaches.
Supporting trauma-responsive practices

Student Counselling, Health & Well-being began its 36-month Sanctuary Implementation Project to increase sustainability of trauma-responsive practices in July. Training sessions focused on creating safe and healing environments for clients who have experienced chronic stress and adversity.

Division of Students Colleagues Connect for Learning Days

Almost 40 per cent of staff within the Division of Students attended the July Learning Days, hosted by the OVPS and volunteers from across the Division of Students. Attendees to the online and in-person event said they learned more about the division after participating.

Read the Strategic Plan
new professional connections on average
NorthStar Community Emancipation Day Celebration

Athletics & Recreation has partnered with the Jane and Finch community to host a NorthStar Community Emancipation Day Celebration on on July 31. This event will feature performances, keynote speakers, local vendors and a special basketball game.

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Creating an intersectional holistic society

A recent speaker series featured Jack Saddleback baring raw stories with humorous musings to uplift spaces for identities like his, a Cree, two-spirit, transgender gay man. Weaving experiences of personal resilience and community compassion, Saddleback inspires an intersectional holistic society. 

Learn More About the Intersectional Futures Speaker Series
“I really enjoyed the personal nature of the session and would definitely recommend this session to the larger York community. Super well organized and great energy. So glad I listened in!"
Discussing the building and implementation of a PD portfolio for student-staff

Members of the Residence Life team presented on the analysis of how the team implemented a PD portfolio for student-staff, incorporating pedagogical practice, theory and practical application, at the recent 2022 Ontario Association of College and University Housing Officers conference.

To the surprise of presenters, two previous student-staff attended to share their testimonies from the program.
Travelling around the world through York2York

The 2nd annual York2York kicks off this June, as York U travels virtually around the world starting from our Keele Campus to our Schulich School of Business campus in India.

Learn more about York2York
Supporting education to tackle child poverty

York University Athletics & Recreation hosted the annual Start2Finish run, which aims to help to break the cycle of child poverty through educational support, and celebration at York Lions Stadium, with special guest Yeo! 

Learn more about Start2Finish
Start2Finish is committed to promoting the health and wellness of children in Canada through literacy and fitness education.

"Finding your Flow" is an art therapy group where participants are welcome to make art and connect with each other in an online community. No previous art making skills or experience is required to join. Register by emailing

Women and Girls Leadership and Sport Conference

The Women and Girls in Leadership and Sport Conference brings together coaches, athletes, sport administrators and allies from across the country to be educated, empowered, and supported through a series of sessions by guest speakers.

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The 3rd installment of the event was themed leadership communication: language, crucial conversations and using your voice.
Launch of digital transcripts

York went live with issuing transcripts for students though MyCreds on March 30. This marks a reflection of the modernization of student services York is striving to achieve. This achievement was made possible through collaborations between staff and campus partners. 



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This marks an equitable and modern approach for students to seamlessly access their transcripts.

Due to the success of January's Care Ambassadors Program, SCLD re-visioned the ASK ME Program. Stationed at four locations throughout York’s Keele campus, ASK ME ambassadors answered questions about wayfinding, campus services and York’s health and safety requirements. 

Ask Me Ambassadors responded to approximately 800 inquiries throughout March 2022. Over 50% of questions were regarding masks.
Division of Students hosts Learning Days in February

Staff learned about key findings from student journey maps developed last fall and how these findings have been applied (SAVY, SSRP and the website re-development project) during the Learning Days on Feb. 22 and 23. Participants contributed to interactive breakout sessions to pave the way forward.

Learn More About the Division of Students' Strategic Plan
Division of Students' staff and friends participated in the February Learning Days
Join us and celebrate Black History Month

The Division of Students is hosting multiple events during Black History Month (BHM), including, but not limited to: Black Excellence in COVID Times: Connections & Conversations Celebrating Black History Month; Career Resources for Black Students; Racialized Students Support Groups and more.

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Join us as we celebrate, honour and reflect on the various journey’s our panelist have encountered, and how their resilience has moved them forward in healing. We welcome you to celebrate International Women’s Day with us as we create connection across communities.


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New art therapy workshop teaches stress management

The Art of Letting Go workshop encourages participants to explore different and creative ways to release stress. Attendees go through a series of process-focused art and mindfulness practices. No prior art experience is required to join this workshop.


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Exploring 150 years through the eyes of Indigenous creators

This 10-part eLearning series, This Place: 150 Years Retold, was based on the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed graphic novel anthology. Each session guided participants through the stories that reflect a rich history of Indigenous resistance and resilience.

participants across this ten-part virtual series
Virtual Education Series: "Unlearning Hate" launches

Student Community and Leadership Development partnered with The Centre for Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion to host a three-part virtual education series about recognizing, dismantling, healing and ultimately – “Unlearning Hate.”

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participants across this three-part virtual series
Celebrating the #BestOfYU 2021

Despite a challenging year, the Division of Students continues to advance York’s mission by providing services and programs that facilitates and fosters academic success, student development and an engaged community. The #BestOfYU 2021 YouTube playlist celebrates our successes and accomplishments.

Watch the Youtube Playlist

As part of our commitment to building a community of care, the Care Ambassadors Program is designed to help all community members safely transition to being back at York. Ambassadors will help community members access general campus services and will promote York’s health and safety requirements.

Become a Care Ambassador
300+ students, staff, and faculty have submitted applications to the care ambassador program
Virtual Education Series: "Unlearning Hate"

Student Community and Leadership Development has partnered with The Centre for Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion to host a three-part virtual education series about recognizing, dismantling, healing and ultimately – “Unlearning Hate”.

Learn More and Register to Attend
This series is timely as we begin our return to campus and it continues to build on the work being done to address dialogue across difference and freedom of expression on campus.
Exploring 150 years through the eyes of Indigenous creators

This 10-part eLearning series, This Place: 150 Years Retold, is based on the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed graphic novel anthology. Launched this fall, each session guides participants through the stories that reflect a rich history of Indigenous resistance and resilience.

Sign-up today!
participants have attended the first 6 sessions.
Division of Students October Learning Days

The Division of Students hosted Learning Days for staff on October 14 & 15, 2021. Staff learned about York University's student demographics, heard from a panel of Divisional staff about how they are living the Divisional values,  and worked across units to develop student journey and empathy maps.

Learn More About the Division of Students Strategic Plan
staff attended the Division of Students October Learning Days!
Two Mental Health Workshops for Staff

SCHW's Health Education & Promotion team is offering two mental health workshops for staff and faculty. Navigating Mental Health Resources 101 & Mental Health 201 provides well-being resources and strategies to support students in their academic journey.



Register Online
To register or request a workshop, contact colleagues in Student Counselling Health & Well-being.

From October to December 2021, Art Therapy group sessions are available for all York University community members. Participate and explore the therapeutic benefits of art making, such as: self-expression, stress relief, relaxation, and much more!

Sign-up Today!
No artistic experience is required and all artistic levels are welcome! Paper and colouring instruments are all that is needed to participate.

This campaign, Kindness is the New Normal, is being celebrated and encouraged throughout the community during the months of October and November 2021.

Spread Kindness
This is a semester like no other. As we all adjust to new ways of being around each other, let’s show kindness online and in-person as we return to campus this Fall and Winter.
Community Welcome for Black Students

SCLD, along with Black Student Associations and other student governments, held the first ever Community Welcome for Black students. The 2-day event included both virtual activities and an outdoor gathering for students to meet various communities on campus that support Black students.

The event had over 150 registrants and was seen as a huge success by students and staff alike. The event could not have happened without the collaborative efforts of York's Black student leaders.
Office of the University Registrar (OUR) Strategic Plan

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) is developing strategic priorities, aspirational goals, and supporting actions that align with the Division of Student's Strategic Plan. OUR staff reviewed the draft OUR plan on October 14 and 15. The final OUR plan will be released in early November.

More than 100 staff participated in the OUR Learning Days on October 14 and 15, 2021.
Kindness is the New Normal and it all begins with YU.

This is a semester like no other. One thing we all have in common is that we are all adjusting to a new normal. This adjustment all begins with YU. This fall, we launched the Kindness Campaign complete with tips for spreading kindness, a Kindness Toolkit, and a list of support services for students.

Spread Kindness across our Community
page views to the Kindness Campaign website since it launched this September 2021.
Division of Students Staff Town Hall

The Town Hall was held July 26, 2021. Questions about return to campus were answered by our Vice-Provost, Students, Special Advisor to the President for Academic Continuity Planning & COVID-19 Response, AVP, Human Resources & CHRO, & Executive Director, Resources & Strategic Planning.

Check Out the Recording
staff members joined live.
Division of Students August Strategic Planning Days

The Division of Students Strategic Planning Days were held Aug 5 & 6 2021. Staff learned about and contributed to the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan through engaging in dialogue, reconnecting & working across units in the Division. More learning opportunities will be provided in October.

Learn More About the Division of Students Strategic Plan Here
Recordings of the Strategic Planning Days will be made available for staff on the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students website shortly.

Fathers have had a lot on their plates during this pandemic. To provide a safer space for dads, The Centre is hosting weekly support groups starting on June 20 to connect, converse and share coping strategies about during these unprecedented times.

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Student Counselling, Health & Well-being launched its inaugural Health & Wellness Student Needs Assessment Survey in June to better understand student perceptions on health and well-being services. Data from the survey will be used to evaluate and enhance services available to York students.

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The survey, running from June 14 - August 5, 2021, asks what students think about our services, the way they are offered, what is working and where we can improve.
Athletics & Recreation Takes a Virtual Journey to York’s EcoCampus in Costa Rica

Hosted by the Fitness & Lifestyles Team, Athletics & Recreation invites students, staff and faculty to sign-up for a virtual journey to York’s Las Nubes EcoCampus in Costa Rica. Work together to travel the distance by walking, running, hiking, biking, blading, swimming, exercising, and more.

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Mothering has been frontline work during this pandemic. To provide a safer space for moms, The Centre is hosting weekly sessions for moms to share, connect, support each other, build community, and discuss coping strategies.

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Two sessions with this group have been completed so far. There have been over 40 community members participate in each session.

York University Pride 2021 will be held on June 21-25, 2021, and will celebrate and honour Artists and Activism. The week of Pride is being organized by SexGen, with the support of The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education and the Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion.

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Over the past year, the OUR engaged in an external review process that made various recommendations, including creating a strategic plan. Across the OUR, staff engaged in meaningful conversations about the process and the development of a strategic plan that is student centered and service focused. 

Supporting BIPOC & Queer Students on Campus

Throughout the 2020-2021 academic year, SCHW engaged in bi-monthly clinical consultations on the topic of anti-oppressive practice. In May 2021, guest speakers from CAMH facilitated a departmental workshop on supporting Black Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) and queer students.

When supporting student well-being, it is crucial that we address power dynamics, validate lived experiences, and create opportunities for students to actively participate in their care.

In April, the SCLD hosted the 12th Annual Peer Leadership Training Conference. Student leaders participated in asynchronous training modules, networking sessions, live workshops and an alumni keynote panel featuring some of York's Top 30 Under 30 Changemakers.  



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16 developmental sessions, 2 live sessions, 14 learning modules, 150+ participants.
Division of Students Releases 2-Year Strategy Report (2018-2020)

We’ve accomplished a lot -- and it’s time for us to celebrate! Check out the 2-year report that highlights major accomplishments completed across the Division.

Celebrate our Success
2018-2020 Division of Students strategy report launched!

This year, York joined ARUCC to deliver digital documents to students through MyCreds - a trusted, centralized digital wallet that is easily accessible. This development is a critical step in modernizing our services to meet student needs and help them succeed, which is a central tenet of the UAP.

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York becomes one of the earliest adopters of digital credentialing in Canada.