Monthly Updates: October 2023

OctoberWhat's New?

Invest in Our People

Division of Students hosts Mini Professional Development Conference for Toronto institutions

The Division held an in-person Mini PD Conference with 8 Toronto colleges and universities. Participants had the opportunity to come together to share, learn and network. 26 presentations focused on student affairs, service supports, programming and training.

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colleagues participated in the Mini PD Conference
Learning Skills peers get ready for the new academic year

Learning Skills peers completed a week-long interactive training program in August which helped them build knowledge, skills and confidence ahead of beginning their roles. Topics included the science of learning, delivering presentations, peer coaching, creating inclusive spaces and much more. 

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At the end of Learning Skills training week, peers reported feeling happy, excited and motivated to begin their new roles.

Reinforce Our Foundation

During fall Well-being Week, the Centre organized an online workshop entitled Self-Care Through Art. Participants were encouraged to delve into therapeutic techniques aimed at cultivating a sustainable self-care practice that could be incorporated into their daily lives. 

Art therapy workshops create environments that encourage healthy self-expression and facilitate meaningful self-connection.

Impact the Student Journey

Students learn how to work and study abroad at the Go Global Fair

The Global Learning team at York International hosted its annual Go Global Fair on Oct. 5, where students found out how to optimize their post-secondary experience through global learning programs offered by York. 

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There are over 300 global partners in more than 65 countries for students to explore.
SAVY answers 2x the questions

Students turned to SAVY twice as often during this year's back-to-school period. While last year SAVY held just short of 1,800 conversations, in the last two weeks of August, and the first two weeks of September, it held 3,599 conversations in the same period this year.

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SAVY answered over 80% of all questions correctly during the back-to-school period, despite many complex questions that prompted a renewal of “how to talk to SAVY” promotional efforts.

Over the first three weeks of the term, students were supported through the Get Set for Success initiative. Peer leaders worked one-on-one with students to prepare them for the term by helping send their letters of accommodation and signing them up for accommodated tests and exams.

students received support through the Get Set for Success initiative.