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During the week of January 22, the Centre will host several events to educate and empower York community members. Explore mindfulness sessions, writing letters of love to survivors, a riveting talk with the esteemed queer Pakistani Canadian Samra Habib, a Wen-Do self-defence class and more.

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These events aim to raise awareness about the issues surrounding consent, empower community members to advocate for themselves and others, disrupt myths and share survivor stories.
16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

During the annual global campaign against gender-based violence, a variety of workshops were held at York. Topics included healthy relationships, misogynoir awareness, empowering student-athletes to advocate against violence against women, children and 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals and more.

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York community members were reached.

During fall Well-being Week, the Centre organized an online workshop entitled Self-Care Through Art. Participants were encouraged to delve into therapeutic techniques aimed at cultivating a sustainable self-care practice that could be incorporated into their daily lives. 

Art therapy workshops create environments that encourage healthy self-expression and facilitate meaningful self-connection.

During Consent Action Week, community members can attend a series of educational events teaching how to communicate consent and desire to partners, managing rejection, reclaiming personal agency and feeling safe and empowered in situations that may require self-defence.

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events will be available throughout the week to promote Consent Action Week.
Teaching incoming students consent training

During Orientation week, the Centre hosted events with each of York’s colleges and Faculties that focused on consent to increase awareness of its importance in the community, share existing support for survivors and promote ally engagement.

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students attended across the week of events and activities.
Planting workshop to help with grounding

In July, the Centre collaborated with the Greenhouse to cultivate green thumb community members in a fun and inclusive environment. Participants grounded themselves with a tour of the greenhouse, picked out plants and learned how to properly pot and care for them.   

The planting workshop helped individuals ground themselves, connect with the community and nature to create a sense of belonging.
Supporting the York community through planting workshops

The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education collaborated with the on-campus Greenhouse to create a planting workshop for students, staff and faculty to help ground them during this busy summer season. There will be another workshop on Wednesday, July 26 from noon to 1 p.m. 

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International Women's Day is a global celebration of the achievements of women, and a call to action for gender equality. This year's campaign theme was #EmbraceEquity and the Centre hosted events that seek to challenge gender stereotypes and bias. 

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As a part of Consent Action Week, the Centre hosted a series of educational events that focused on self-advocacy and care with the goal to increase awareness of matters of consent, sharing existing support for survivors and promoting ally engagement.

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When discussing sexual violence prevention, it is crucial that we provide our community with an opportunity to discuss sex education and healing through self-advocacy and self-care.

On Thursday, January 26, the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education will host Consent Action Day. With speakers, practitioners and institutions across Ontario, this event will explore conversations on consent, healthy relationships, pleasure and healing through the arts.

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The event will be open to students, staff & faculty.
National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

As a part of the 16 Days of Activism, an annual memorial service was hosted to commemorate the tragic mass shooting at L'École Polytechnique in Montréal on December 6, 1989. This ceremony honours the 14 murdered women and inspires our community to act against gender-based violence. 

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people viewed the memorial service, virtually and in-person.

"Finding your Flow" is an art therapy group where participants are welcome to make art and connect with each other in an online community. No previous art making skills or experience is required to join. Register by emailing

Join us as we celebrate, honour and reflect on the various journey’s our panelist have encountered, and how their resilience has moved them forward in healing. We welcome you to celebrate International Women’s Day with us as we create connection across communities.


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New art therapy workshop teaches stress management

The Art of Letting Go workshop encourages participants to explore different and creative ways to release stress. Attendees go through a series of process-focused art and mindfulness practices. No prior art experience is required to join this workshop.


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Join the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education as we raise awareness about consent during Consent Action Week at York U from Jan. 24 to 28. Virtual workshops, guest lectures and training is open to students, staff and faculty.


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Join us for Consent Week from January 24 - 28, 2022

From October to December 2021, Art Therapy group sessions are available for all York University community members. Participate and explore the therapeutic benefits of art making, such as: self-expression, stress relief, relaxation, and much more!

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No artistic experience is required and all artistic levels are welcome! Paper and colouring instruments are all that is needed to participate.

Fathers have had a lot on their plates during this pandemic. To provide a safer space for dads, The Centre is hosting weekly support groups starting on June 20 to connect, converse and share coping strategies about during these unprecedented times.

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Mothering has been frontline work during this pandemic. To provide a safer space for moms, The Centre is hosting weekly sessions for moms to share, connect, support each other, build community, and discuss coping strategies.

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Two sessions with this group have been completed so far. There have been over 40 community members participate in each session.

York University Pride 2021 will be held on June 21-25, 2021, and will celebrate and honour Artists and Activism. The week of Pride is being organized by SexGen, with the support of The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education and the Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion.

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