Advising Framework


Leaders in Advising: partnering to support and empower every student to realize their potential.


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To build and cultivate meaningful connections and create a circle of care that responds to the evolving needs of our students throughout their journey.


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  • Empathy
  • Care
  • Inclusivity


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  • Strengthen trust, respect and collaboration to create an inclusive, responsive community that is aligned, accountable and enables student success.
  • Establish a culture of continuous learning, improvement, and innovation to transform our services and ensure they are student-centred, timely and accessible.


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  • Alignment
    Harmonizing services and coordination with university partners, leveraging synergies and actively seeking out collaborative opportunities.
  • Accountability
    Engaging in regular evaluation of our services, incorporating student feedback.
  • Capacity-building
    Building the knowledge and skills required to support the unique needs of our diverse student population, and in turn, empower them to succeed.
  • Transformation
    Creating student-centred advising services that are accessible and barrier-free.