Health Education & Promotion

Health Education & Promotion

As part of SCHW, Health Education & Promotion provides York University students with person-centred, health and well-being support through education, empowerment and access while working towards supplying students with the skills to foster balanced and sustainable choices regarding their health. Our main goal is to create proactive approaches to well-being on campus.

Students can connect with us for a range of services including training programs, workshops and peer-to-peer consulting. We educate in the areas of mental health and well-being, physical health, nutrition, sleep, sexual health, alcohol, cannabis and other drugs.

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On-campus Outreach

We offer peer support at a variety of spaces on Keele Campus. View our tabling schedules and drop by if you need assistance.


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Values & Principles

We continuously update our programming and resources so that we can provide the latest information and support.

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Our Team

Our student peer mentor team offers the student community the tools needed in supporting other peers in a mental health crisis, including suicide awareness and prevention.

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Programming & Resources

We use mindfulness to tackle the common stress-inducing challenges of university life. We provide you with tools to remain resilient and give yourself compassion during challenging times.

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Collaborate with us

We'd love to work with you! If you are interested in collaborating with us for an event or function, please fill out our online form to give us more details.